How to Raise Confident Kids (And Empower Yourself in the Process)

You have a young child or teenager who may be shy, introverted, anxious, stressed. You need strategies to help them navigate the world. This one-night panel event is for you!

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In the PAC classroom, students are taught emotional intelligence, expressiveness and creativity under the guise of drama and acting.

Now we open the discussion up to other experts in the field of child education and development to unravel other useful and practical strategies that can help you, the proactive and passionate parent that you are, to raise healthy and happy children.

Join PAC’s Co-Founder and Creative Director Nisrine Amine as she hears from professionals in the mental health industry as well as other parents and educators with lived experience with young people.

You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance.

Ultimately, you will walk out feeling informed and comforted in the knowledge that you are not alone and, like the thousands of parents who don’t get told often enough, you are doing a bloody good job!

Event Details:

Date: Friday 20 September, 2019
Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue: Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), 8 Victoria Road Parramatta
Cost: $10 (previous and current PAC parent) | $15 (non-PAC parent)


The Panelists

Alison Fowler and Stephanie Pringle

Casting Directors

Chicken & Chips

Alison Fowler and Stephanie Pringle are casting directors heading up Chicken and Chips Casting. Winners of B&T’s 30 under 30 Award in 2018, they cast interesting people to tell untold stories in TV, Film & Advertising Campaigns.
Learn more about Stephanie and Alison here.

Trish Speers

Mind Mechanic

Founder of Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

Trish is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner and Life Coach with a specific interest in conscious parenting, raising confident children, and the mental health and success of actors.

In 2018, Trish qualified as a Trainer and Certifier of Hypnotherapy and NLP which enables her to share her empowering techniques that create resilient people, with the freedom to live in true confidence, happiness and success.

Learn more about Trish here.

Judy Saba

Cross Cultural Psychologist
Applied Diversity Trainer, NSW Police Force

Judy Saba is an accredited diversity trainer and facilitator, Cross-Cultural Psychologist and public speaker with extensive experience in applied diversity training in both public and private sector organisations. In 2010 was awarded a Churchill Fellowship which enabled her to research Diversity training and human rights integration in policing jurisdictions in the US, Middle East and UK.

Currently employed by NSW Police Force, Judy has also held successful positions in Education, Health, Torture trauma counselling with refugee communities as well as private practice and consulting within the corporate sector.

Learn more about Judy here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For parent talks, can I bring my child along?

Some of our events are aimed at parents and as such, sensitive content might be brought up by the panelists and/or the attendees. Should you bring your child or teen along, please do so at your own discretion. PAC takes no responsibility for the views of opinions expressed by those in attendance that may cause upset or offence.

My child doesn't yet go to school. Are parent events at PAC suitable for me?

Of course.

We welcome all parents. There might be some advice or nugget of information that you can hold onto for future use.

Who will the panelists be?

The three panelists are yet to be announced. Stay tuned!

I'm not from Western Sydney. Can I still attend events?

Of course!

PAC has a very strict policy of anti-discrimination and so we invite participants and attendees from all over Sydney, from all over the country even!

There may be events more specifically targeted at certain groups of people (as each group comes with differing needs and wants) but we'll make sure to advertise this so there is no confusion.

But ultimately, your decision to attend one of our events is completely up to you.

The more the merrier we say!

Where are your events held?

Most of our events will be held at the Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE) building.

The address is 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta. Corner of Victoria Road and Villiers Street.

If you’re driving:

We recommend parking in the carpark of North Parramatta McDonalds next door and walking over.

If you’re catching public transport:

ICE is a 15-20 minute walk from Parramatta train station. Walk all the way down Church Street until you hit Prince Alfred Park. Cross diagonally through the park and ICE will be on the corner across Victoria Road.

I'm not a parent. Can I attend PAC parent events?

PAC parent events are open to both parents and those who work with children. The bulk of the content might be delivered from the lens of a parent/child relationship but there is opportunity to expand the discussion out to teachers, educators, and those in other child-related industries.

How do the events run?

Each event will run differently but for our more popular style of panel talks, the run down of the night will be as follows:

Registration will often commence at 6.30pm.

Attendees are invited into the event space where there will be coffee and tea.

When all attendees have arrived, the facilitator will guide the discussion amongst the panelists.

There will be ample opportunity for the audience to ask questions during this.

The night will normally wrap up no later than 8.30pm.