Year 7-9


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Year 7-9 Term Classes

Cost: $300

Location: Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), 8 Victoria Road, Parramatta NSW 2150. View MAP.


  • Develop essential camera acting technique
  • Develop character-building skills
  • Learn how to break down a script for objectives
  • Gain insight into the Australian television and film industry

Note: PAC recognises the varying levels of experience amongst its students and so our teachers, at all times, will adjust their classes to accomodate to all levels.

Course overview:

In this 10 week course, students will be introduced to on-screen acting techniques and develop skills needed to become a disciplined and compelling screen actor.

The first few weeks will start off with a range of ensemble building activities and improvisation to get students comfortable with themselves, their scripts and one another. Then, over the course of the term, students will learn Stanislavksi methods of how to find the given circumstances, beats and character objectives contained within a script.

Students will apply these skills weekly to short scripts taken from popular films and television shows and perform these to camera. They will have a chance to watch their scenes back at the end of each lesson and take away feedback.

Note: We encourage those students who are considering a career in screen acting to apply for this course.

The Teacher:


Zoe Tomaras is a determined interdisciplinary artist with a strong desire to improve the lives of young people through the creative arts. She has years of academic and practical training, which includes an Advanced Diploma in Stage and Screen Acting (AFTT), as well as a Master of Media Arts and Production (UTS). Having grown up in Western Sydney, she is passionate about developing and sharing stories from the community. As well as standard voice, movement and performance skills, her specialities as a teacher include creative play (games, improvisation) impulse/instinct work, devising, script analysis, film, directing, soundscapes, and rhythm-based performance. Zoe teaches theatre making and drama classes all around Sydney, including Shopfront Arts Co-op and PYT Fairfield. Zoe is an active member of Sydney’s arts industry, working professionally as an actor, theatre maker, and director.

Important information:

  • Please read our Centre Policies.
  • Please wear comfortable loose clothing and appropriate footwear.
  • Should you be late in picking up your child, please call +61404026183.