What If Unicorns Ruled and Other What Ifs (Year 3-6) – LIVERPOOL


    2-hours, Tuesday 1 October, 2.00pm – 4.00pm

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    Product Description

    What If Unicorns Ruled The World and Other What Ifs

    A 2-hour Drama Holiday Workshop for students in Grades 3-6.

    Tuesday 1 October  2.00pm – 4.00pm

    Cost: $36

    Location: Purple Room @ Liverpool City Library, Library Plaza, 170 George Street, Liverpool, NSW 2170. View MAP.


    • Unlock imagination and creativity
    • Improve peer interaction and collaboration
    • Develop character building skills
    • Develop listening skills

    Course overview:

    What if Unicorns ruled the world?
    What if Harry Potter turned evil?
    What if you and your grandmother swapped bodies for a day?

    In this holiday workshop, students will brainstorm fantastical worlds, imagine new realities, and rewrite history to see just what the world would look like if they got to design it!

    Over the course of the two days, they will brainstorm, devise, perform and direct monologues and using simple props, costume and music, they will share these new worlds in front of an audience of family and friends.

    Important information:

    • Please read our Centre Policies.
    • Please wear comfortable loose clothing and appropriate footwear.
    • Please ensure your child comes with a bottle of water.
    • Should you be late in picking up your child, please call 1300 828 144.

    The Facilitators: