Acting for Beginners


    Thursdays, 7.00pm – 9.00pm, 8 weeks

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    Acting for Beginners 

    Starts: Thursday 8 August, 2019
    8 x Thursdays, 7.00pm – 9.00pm

    Cost: $320

    Location: Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), 8 Victoria Road Parramatta. View MAP.


    • Unlock imagination and creativity
    • Develop basic acting technique
    • Learn presence and connection with fellow actors
    • Develop spontaneity and reacting to the present moment
    • Connect with voice and body
    • Learn textual analysis

    NOTE: This is PAC’s foundation adult course and must be completed before moving onto the other adult courses on offer. Exception will be made to those students who come to PAC with prior acting experience.

    Course overview:

    Too often, actors jump into monologue and scene work without first understanding the basic foundations of acting.

    The secret behind a compelling and above-all truthful performance is awareness of one’s voice, body, emotions and those of their fellow actors. By learning to ground yourself in the present moment, and believing yourself into an imagined circumstance, you have the power to then communicate the thoughts and emotions of a character.

    This Acting for Beginners course, open to adults 18+ with little to no acting experience, will teach students to be present, connect with their fellow actors and use the power of improvisation to create dynamic and engaging scenes. The course can also be used by intermediate to advanced actors who want to get back to basics and refresh their acting technique.

    For the first four weeks, students will be guided step-by-step toward becoming more instinctual and brave actors. Through practical exercises, they will understand and apply the basic rules of acting – presence, connection, vulnerability – and most importantly, they will become generous actors who react to, and support their fellow actors every step of the way. In the second half of the course, students will then put this learning into practice through monologue and scene work.


    By the end of this course, whether you’re aware of it or not, you will have built up lifelong skills that will seep into your everyday lives. You will:

    • Deliver more confident presentations at work.
    • Become better listeners.
    • Become more open to, and tolerant of differing views.
    • Become acutely aware of your breathing and emotions.
    • Develop a more positive self-image.
    • Become more comfortable with self-evaluation and constructive feedback.

    The Teacher

    KIRE TOSEVSKI is a classically trained actor and director who brings to his teaching almost fourteen years of craft and industry experience in both stage and screen mediums.

    Originally an exponent of traditional Stanislavsky and Michael Chekhov methods, Kire trained at the National Institute of Dramatic Art in his home town of Sydney, and is also a graduate of the Stella Adler Studio conservatory in New York City.

    Over the years he has worked professionally as both an actor and director on numerous stage productions with many theatre companies both in Australia and the United States.

    His professional teaching experience has seen him direct student actors at the Stella Adler Studio as well as serve as private coach to working actors preparing for professional film and television auditions.

    Kire is also a filmmaker with an extensive knowledge of cinematic art and the various processes inside film and television production.

    He previously worked as a lecturer inside the Digital Media department at Raffles College in Parramatta, teaching courses on acting, directing, film, story development and screenwriting

    Important information:

    • Please read our Centre Policies.
    • Please wear comfortable loose clothing and appropriate footwear.