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How Acting Classes Changed My Life

How Acting Classes Changed My Life Take it from actor Lisa Robinson, acting classes are more than just pretending to be a tree and doing weird animal stretches. A good acting class can can change lives. PAC would like to thank Lisa for her contribution to this article.  From Hairdressing To Acting (As You Do) For as long as I can remember, I dreamt of being a hairdresser. I won’t say I was even good at doing hair, let alone cutting it, but a girl’s gotta dream, right? That was my dream. Then, come Year 8, all wide-eyed, pimply and…
Lisa Robinson
March 11, 2019
Top Kids Acting Agencies in SydneyPAC Youth

A List of Kids Acting/Modelling Agencies in Sydney

So your child has some visible skill in acting and you’ve decided it’s time to turn their hobby into a career? Although social media and online platforms like Star Now are a great way to access acting opportunities yourself, it may be wise to invest in a Talent Agent who can take the hassle out of finding and securing paid acting/modelling work for your child. Please note: many of the agencies listed here also represent talent for Modelling, with some only for modelling. For those parents who want their kids to do more than simple print shoots and commercials, and…
Nisrine Amine
February 13, 2018
Acting ClassesPAC Youth

5 Ways Acting Classes can Improve your Child’s Emotional Intelligence

Move over book smarts, a new kinda smart is here. And to be honest, we’re a little emotional about it. When you and I were younger, our parents stressed to us the importance of studying and rehearsing our times tables. They booked us into tutoring classes and hung up our academic certificates all the while gleaming with pride and boasting to their friends. And all for good reason. Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) - or, the ability to reason, plan, think logically, and comprehend complex ideas - is one of the most highly valuable qualities a human being can possess. It is…
Nisrine Amine
January 25, 2018
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