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Nisrine Amine

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PAC Socials – Where To Go For What

1 - Our Facebook page > Motivation Mondays Every Monday on the PAC Facebook page is a change to get motivated and set your weekly goals. You might see things like inspirational videos, talks, pics or exercises to help get your week off to a focussed start! > History Lesson Tuesdays Tuesdays are a chance to catch up on your theatre and film history. If you want to be a great actor, you have to study the greats so every week, we'll share some interesting history lessons. > Get to Work Wednesdays Armed with knowledge of the history of your craft,…
Nisrine Amine
September 4, 2018
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Because Actors Have Chakras Too – Balancing Your 7 Chakras in 7 Days

If you've been feeling off-balance lately when it comes to your acting career, you may have some chakras out of balance. Here is a list of some acting-related exercises you can do to help you unblock those chakras, and get back into balance ready for that next class, audition, performance, or opportunity. Note: We do not claim to be chakra-experts or the Eckhart Tolles of the acting industry. For detailed information on chakras, we encourage you to Google.  Day 1 - The Root Chakra AKA The I Am Supported Chakra Where is it: The base of your spine, your tailbone..…
Nisrine Amine
September 3, 2018

7 Monologues about Fathers

Need a monologue for an upcoming audition? Or want to work on your craft by getting into some rich text? Here is a selection of monologues about fathers taken from classic and contemporary plays. Please note: No copyright infringement is intended and we fully acknowledge the online source of all links. 1 - Biff's Monologue | Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller Male, early 20s -  son talking to father Setting: 1940s New York Monologue link: here Full play link: here 2 - Troy's Monologue | Fences by August Wilson Male, late 40s - man talking to his longtime…
Nisrine Amine
September 1, 2018
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Nisrine’s Favourite Inspirational Clips for Actors

You get a clip! And you get a clip! And you get a clip! I have always admired Oprah. And have always been a fan of her Favourite Things segment. Now I can't give you each a car, or a trip overseas on a Qantas plane BUT I can share with you my favourite inspirational videos and clips that have helped get me through the bumps on my acting journey. I hope you enjoy. #1 For when I get jealous of other people's achievements. God's Timing by Bishop T.D. Jakes I don't share this because I'm religious. I share it…
Nisrine Amine
August 6, 2018

List of Theatres and Theatre Companies in Sydney

Why, as an actor, is this list helpful? If you're wanting to get out and about and watch more live theatre. If you do, after all, call yourself an actor and are keen to perform on the Sydney stage, then it is only logical that you are aware of the stages themselves. Visiting regular theatre shows keeps you accountable and helps to inspire your next performance. You will also become familiar with the actors and actr...
Nisrine Amine
June 8, 2018
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Prizes Announced for Youth Comedy Night

The Prizes for tonight's Youth Week Comedy Night 2018 have today been announced. Judges' Choice: Backstage pass and a one-day internship at Tonightly with Tom Ballard (ABC). Audience Vote: One day in pre-production, and one day on set of an upcoming Jungle Entertainment comedy series. The comedy night will take place from 6.30pm at Riverside Theatres Parramatta and will see 7 young comedians aged 16-25 from Western Sydney take the stage. The night will be hosted by Makedonka Stoilova and the three judges will be The Feed's Jan Fran, Bjorn Steward from Black Comedy and Superwog's Sasha Sutton.  
Nisrine Amine
May 31, 2018
Film and Television

Film Crew – Who Does What on Set

So you're about to come into contact with a film set. There will be countless men and women running around, performing their jobs on set and it may become a little daunting for you as you try to settle yourself in and work out where you fit. A better way to understand who does what is to think of the jobs in terms of categories. 1. Those who look after THE ACTOR 2. Those who look after THE CAMERA 3. Those who look after THE SET 4. Those who work across ALL DEPARTMENTS Note: The main goal of this article…
Nisrine Amine
May 11, 2018
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Allison Meadows Gives Showreel Advice

Welcome back! You would've seen in PART 1 of this experiment, we took three Actors at varying stages of their careers and asked for their showreels. Here was our fancy blog pic... We then asked three of Sydney's top Industry Professionals to review each showreel and then provide answers to the following 5 questions: 1. Did the opening of the Showreel attract your attention? Why/why not? 2. For how many seconds/minutes did the Showreel keep your attention? 3. Was the Showreel too long or too short? 4. Based on this Showreel, for what types of characters would you hire this…
Nisrine Amine
May 6, 2018
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The Feed’s Jan Fran to head Comedy Night Judging Panel

Jan Fran will head the judging lineup at Youth Week Comedy Night 2018 at Riverside Theatres Parramatta on Thursday 31 May. The journalist, doco maker, social commentator and co-host of SBS's The Feed (who will have just returned from Eurovision 2018 in Portugal) will be joined on the panel by actor Bjorn Stewart (Black Comedy, Cope Street Collective) and Superwog's Sasha Sutton. "It is an absolute honour to have these judges come on board," says Parramatta Actors Centre co-founder and event organiser Nisrine Amine. "As artists who use their own versions of comedy to open up social discourse, their presence will be…
Nisrine Amine
May 2, 2018
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An Examination of Actor Showreels by Industry Professionals to Determine What Makes a Good One – PART 1

And so the experiment begins... Title: The Examination of Actor Showreels by Industry Professionals to Determine What Makes a Good One. Aim: To investigate what makes an effective acting showreel. Hypothesis: If industry professionals such as Casting Directors and Talent Agents reviewed Actor Showreels and provided feedback on what they watched, then actors thinking of organising their own showreels would learn of the best ways to make an effective one. Method: We took three Actors at varying stages of their careers and asked for their showreels. We then asked three of Sydney's top Industry Professionals to review each showreel and…
Nisrine Amine
April 23, 2018