Vision + Values


PAC will be recognised as the leading institution for acting training in the greater Parramatta area in an environment that encourages play and exploration, and fosters collaboration with the community.


  • We value teachers who are passionate about what they do.
  • We value students who feel comfortable coming to class and safe enough to make big and bold acting choices.
  • We value inclusion and the diversity of abilities and ages.
  • We value the empowerment of our students.
  • We value the power of acting in building confidence, empathy and a sense of belonging.
  • We value a teaching program that allows for the development of craft.
  • We value interaction with quality texts.
  • We value space that is conducive to play and exploration.
  • We value community engagement and interaction with the city of Parramatta.
  • We value being of service through our school and community outreach programs.
  • We value a personalised approach to student services.
  • We value being a resource hub to connect actors to quality arts in Parramatta and beyond.
  • We value Parramatta as our bustling and diverse backdrop.