12 Halloween Costume Ideas for Actors

By ,October 21, 2019

So, Halloween is upon us. Got a few parties lined up? Not too sure what to wear?

Well, if you want to maintain your fierce level of thespian-ess, why not try one of these suggestions?



1. A highlighter

Cause who can learn lines without one, am I right? Am I right?

2. Measuring tape

Cause how would you know how much your waist has ballooned between auditions without the tape there in the waiting room to remind you?

3. Opal Card

Cause the 5 second audition is not worth the 5 million dollar parking fee on Sydney streets.

4. Green Screen

Cause who even knows.

5. Burger

Cause you’ll probably TVC audition for one of these companies at least once in your career.

6. A Yoga Mat

Cause the stress of it all.

7. A US Flag

Cause you have the Green Card Lottery URL favourite-d on your browser toolbar.

8. Vitamin C

Cause the germs of it all.

9. A Coffee Cup

Cause how else will you get through that 3-4pm bit of your rehearsal day without it.

1o. A Tongue

Cause it’s not an acting pre-show warm-up without a tongue twister. And it’s not a Halloween party party without a tongue. Which wrist watch?

11. A Headshot

Cause how else will the industry determine your level of diversity (or lack thereof)?

12. Yorick’s Skull

Cause, do you even act?

Author Nisrine Amine

Nisrine Amine is an actor, writer, producer and Creative Director at PAC. She's appeared on television shows such as Here Come The Habibs, Janet King, Deadly Women and can be seen in the upcoming feature film, Slam. Her short film Apricot will screen on ABC iview in 2018. Learn about Nisrine's vision for PAC here.

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