Acting classes to boost confidence for kids, teens & adults.

At Parramatta Actors Centre, not only do we train actors how to better use their craft but we also guide them toward a deeper connection with, and empathy towards themselves and their fellow human.

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Kids Classes (5-11yrs)

Our kids classes will focus on developing your child’s awareness of self and, by stepping into the shoes of exciting and bold characters, an awareness of the other.

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Teen Classes (12-16yrs)

All classes here at PAC encourage students to be brave and let loose. We value, just as highly, the development of key acting skills that can be used now and well into a long acting career.

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Adult Classes (17+ yrs)

Whether you’re an experienced actor looking to keep your craft alive, or a beginner actor looking to dive into a new hobby, there’s nothing like an acting course to help you do that.

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